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How to Set Goals For Weight Loss

The Tip That Will Take Your Weight Loss to Another Level

Losing weight is a long process that requires dedication and a lot of motivation, so breaking up big goals (like losing 50 pounds) into manageable ones (like losing a pound a week) is important. But celebrity trainer and Simple Skincare spokesperson Kacy Duke (who's also a cofounder of Equinox gyms) reminds us to aim high if we really are serious about seeing results.

"It's good to set realistic goals, but sometimes you have to set unrealistic goals," she explains. "Some people say, 'Set goals that you know you can do.' Why? We didn't put a man on the moon by thinking, 'OK, well, maybe one day.' We try something and then see if it works."

What unrealistic means to you will vary, but whatever it is, it should make you push yourself, Kacy says. "Step out of the box," she advises. "Set goals that really feel like you're keeping it interesting and you're really pushing yourself at the same time." For example, aim for hitting a certain number of workouts a week that's high for you — look at it as, "If I say three times and I go two, I'm still ahead of the game," she says — or challenge yourself to attend a group class if you are used to working out at home. Whatever you aim for, be proud that you're taking the right step toward "sitting down and really thinking what you want to do for your body and really honoring it," Kacy says.

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