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How to Shop the Perimeter

Shop the Perimeter: A Simple Habit of Healthy People

If eating healthy is your top priority this year, then sticking to whole, fresh foods is a must. Easier said than done — especially with all the temptations facing you on a daily basis. One of the hardest places to resist the call of unhealthy foods is the grocery store. With cookies, chips, and soda staring back at you, one of the best ways around processed junk food is quite literal: always shop the perimeter.

The perimeter of a grocery store is where you'll find fresh, whole-food essentials like produce, meat, dairy, and eggs. Simultaneously, you'll be avoiding highly processed and packaged foods. If you need to go into the center of the market to grab some oats, quinoa, or another healthy pantry essential, then make it quick — get in, grab it, and get out! And the best way to do this is to arm yourself with a grocery list. That way, when entering into the danger zone of doughnuts and frozen pizza, you'll already know exactly what you're looking for. Get started with our healthy dinner menu and grocery list for the upcoming week.

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