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How to Start Eating Clean

Cleaning Up Your Diet Is Easy — Here's How to Do It

How to Start Eating Clean

There are many diets out there that will tell you what to eat — how much of this and how little of that — or when you can eat. But when it comes to nourishing and fueling your body, you simply need to focus on eating clean. By this we mean eating minimally processed whole foods; think fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Eating clean means focusing on the quality and variety of of the foods you eat to ensure you get all the macro- and micro-nutrients you need. Macros include carbs, protein, and fat; and micronutrients is an umbrella term for vitamins and minerals.

I know that sounds a little abstract, so let's break it down by food groups. And since one of the great parts of eating clean is carbs. Let's start there.

Be sure to check out this two-week plan that teaches you how to eat clean with recipes, printable shopping lists, and meal-prep ideas.

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