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Yoga 101: What Beginners Should Know Before They Go

It's almost National Yoga Month! If the celebration (and the free classes) have inspired you to check out a class or two next month, now's the time to bone up on your yoga knowledge. If you have an idea about what to expect your first few times at a yoga studio, the more likely you'll be able to focus on your practice and not whether or not you're doing the wrong thing. And if it turns out you're a yoga fan, you may find yourself reaping the workout's benefits of lengthened and toned muscles in no time.

Interested in learning about what to expect? Check out these tips for your very first yoga class.

Find your yoga personality. Read the descriptions of types of yoga to determine which one interests you the most. And check out this yoga personality guide; whether you're a Type A planner or a spontaneous creative type, we can help you find which type of yoga may be right for you.

Check out a few studios before you commit. Many times studios will have new student specials where you can try out the classes at a reduced rate or for free. But before you saunter in just any class, however, make sure you read this guide on what those yoga class levels really mean.


Read on for more info about what to expect if you're new to yoga after the break.

Be a good student. Regular students always seem to have their rhythm down when they show up to class. Go with the flow; here are a few tips on yoga class etiquette. Be sure to ask the front desk if you have any questions about the studio's student etiquette, or just where you should put your stuff.

Don't make these mistakes. Your teacher can't always be there to correct your form. Pay attention to your body alignment — not the poses of everyone around you! — as well as breathing in order to prevent injury and get the most out of your practice. And don't fill up on a heavy meal beforehand; you should eat something easily digestible at least two hours before class. Before you go, read this to find out more mistakes you shouldn't be making in yoga class.

Get the right mat. Once you've decided that yoga is for you, ditch the communal rental mat and invest in your own. Check out these popular yoga mats for any type of practice to find which one is right for you.

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