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How to Start a Running Blog

Need Motivation? Start a Running Blog

Whether you're a running newbie or have been running since you started walking, finding motivation to stick with it can be harder than finding the perfect pair of sneaks. Tracking your progress in a fitness journal is helpful, but writing down numbers doesn't allow for much self-reflection. It also doesn't allow you to connect with other runners or to get support and tips to encourage you to keep running.

Starting a running blog is sure to put an extra pep in your step. Easily create your own running blog using OnSugar. For some inspiration, here's an excerpt from the DISfunkshion blog:

When I first started running, I was running away from life, trying to escape. I would go out run a couple miles while listening to whatever insipid song was playing on my iPod and by the time I arrived home, I was exhausted, too tired to be angry.

Now running is a part of who I am. It’s the only time I feel like I can think clearly. The rhythm of my shoes against the pavement is barely audible with my iPod on but it doesn’t matter because within minutes the world melts away. Running enables me to see the truth in life because there are no outside stimulants; it’s just my thoughts and I out on the road. When I run, I can understand life, people and their actions, the way a mechanic understands and repairs a car engine.

When I started running…I was running away from life, from myself and from everything that I didn’t understand but now I feel like I am running towards a place more honest and hopeful: my future.

Use your blog to write about all things running — reflect on the run you took the day of your wedding, share how you were motivated for a longer run, ask for advice on new running songs, or show off pictures of you crossing the finish line at your first 5K. Writing regularly and reading people's comments will offer amazing motivation to keep up with your runs. You can also join RunningSugar, our community running group!

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