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How to Stay Healthy at Holiday Parties

Holiday Fit Tip: Handling Party Situations

In my world B.Y.O.B. stands for "bring your own broccoli." That's just one of our simple tips for handling the foodiness of the holiday season. Watch and learn how you can enjoy your seasonal indulgences and still mind your health.

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leemorg leemorg 5 years
Hi there, I love these tips! Social situations are definitely tricky--there's temptation from the food, and sometimes even "peer pressure" to eat in numbers. Often, I find there's always someone looking to top you off, so if you're looking to be good, there are certain ways to help avoid that second slice. 1) Always have something in your hand. Ideally, it'll be something healthy, like a small platter of veggies or some cocktail shrimp (great for protein, btw!), but having anything in your hand is usually enough to prevent others from offering to cut you another slice. Good hosts will always offer, but if you feel like you can't say no, see if you can have a mug of hot tea, coffee, or even a glass of water handy. If you have something occupying your hands, you won't be able to physically grab that slice of pie coming your way. You know what they say about idle hands, so hold on tight and keep those mitts busy! 2) @Lenak, you mentioned that your family usually prepares a lot of healthy fare or stuff that you can't really eat at all. If you know that the buffet's mostly going to be fried, salted, and over-sugary, I recommend bringing more than just veggies. If it's okay with the host (if it's a potluck situation, you're definitely in luck!), you can even bring your own fitness-kosher dish to add to the table. There are really good healthy versions of many casseroles that substitute a lot of the fat for more flavourful items; see if you can bring something to share that you're okay with eating, as well. If not, it's always a good idea to get in a healthy meal before going. The video recommends having a snack, but if your primary reason for going to the party is to gab and mingle, it's okay for you to sit down to a healthy tuna sandwich on whole grain bread before heading out. Depending on the event, you may get away with having a more comprehensive meal before leaving the house; just be sure it's not a formal sit-down dinner, so you can gauge the size of your pre-game meal accordingly. 3) Find a partner in crime. Buddy up with a like-minded friend and see if you two can go halfsies on items that might be a little more sinful. Your friend can also be a supportive crutch for when other people start offering you more desserts; get her to top off your coffee mug at the right moments, and you'll avoid being stuck with yet another pecan tart. I've learned to stop feeling bad for legitimately avoiding bad foods while in social situations, especially if it's because I'm already satisfied and not hungry. Your pre-game eating should last you through at least the first half of the party, and by the time you truly do start to feel hungry, you can rest easy knowing that you haven't spent the past 2 or so hours going hand-to-mouth at the salad bar. In the end though, the video had it right in saying that it's okay if you do end up indulging. One party is not going to set you off altogether, so if all else fails, take a moment to really savour that spoonful of chocolate mousse. Make sure it's an item you're really looking forward to rather than a random treat, and you'll regret it less afterwards. Hope this helps, and happy eating! :) Best, Lee
lenak lenak 6 years
Yaeh, but what if my family only prepare meat food...and nothing flour free, meat free, dairy free...Do I need to bring a lot of food for me?
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