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How to Stick With Your Home Yoga Practice

Wanderlust's Seane Corn on Building a Home Yoga Practice

Even with the best intentions for cultivating a daily yoga practice at home, life manages to get in the way. As excitement builds for the four-day yoga and music Wanderlust Festival at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, CA, I had a chance to chat with yoga extraordinaire and festival headliner Seane Corn on how people can build a consistent and transformative yoga practice at home.

For Seane, going to a local yoga studio and finding an inspiring teacher or peers who are experiencing the "same struggles and successes" can be some of the best gifts a yoga practice offers — on and off the mat. For someone who is doing yoga at home, the experience can be much different. "One of the hardest things that one can do is wake up every morning, get on their mat without the guidance or support or a teacher, and find their way through; it's all about discipline and commitment," she says.

If you're having a difficult time staying on your mat at home but attending class at a yoga school is not always an option, then forget the idea that yoga is solely for "improving your physical body." Seane finds that setting intention outside your physical self can be some of the best motivation to stick with for a yoga practice. Instead of moving through Sun Salutations with the sole purpose of toning up your body, direct and dedicate every moment on your mat to "the healing of the planet or someone in your life," she says.

The next time you hit your mat at home, set an intention. See if the time feels more productive or meaningful, and be sure to share your experience below!

Photo courtesy of Ali Kaukas
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