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How to Stop Afternoon Snacking

3 Quick Tips: Nix the 9-to-5 Munchies

You eat a healthy breakfast, you pack a good-for-you lunch, and then . . . you spend the rest of the day snacking. Sound familiar? If you can't seem to stop noshing throughout the workday, follow these simple tips to stay satisfied while keeping your nutrition on track.

  • Make your meals count: If you aren't eating enough for breakfast and lunch, extra afternoon snacking is inevitable. Be sure to include plenty of protein and filling fiber in your morning meals so that you can skip the mindless munching later on. A simple switch to fiber-rich steel cut oats rather than sugary cereal will help. Check out these other simple ways to add more protein and fiber to your breakfast.
  • Consider water your new best friend: You need to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated — otherwise, you may end up confusing dehydration with hunger. Amp up the flavor and give your H20 an extra-healthy boost with these detoxifying water add ins, like mint and ginger.
  • Listen to your body: Before you head to the office kitchen, ask yourself if you're actually hungry. Are you just bored or anxious? Are you busying yourself to avoid a difficult work project? If that's the case, try switching gears, tackling a new task, or walking around the block for an invigorating change in scenery.

All that being said, if you do find yourself feeling hungry between meals, here are a few guidelines for healthy snacking: keep your picks under 200 calories, use the snack to fill missing nutrients in your diet — like yogurt for calcium or citrus fruits for vitamin C — and make a point to pack your own snacks rather than settling for the office sweets.

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