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The following post was written by New York-based trainer David Kirsch.

Feeling overwhelmed? Breathe and refocus with David Kirsch’s exercise for inner energy. The stress of trying to fit it all in while keeping up with the demands of the season can leave you feeling stressed and turning to junk food galore. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This holiday season, pay attention to the times you feel your heart racing, your face flushing, your palms sweating, and frustration brewing. Before you reach for the candy to calm you down — or worse, react beyond sensibility — try my exercise to regain focus.

  1. STOP what you are doing.
  2. Count to three.
  3. Take three slow, deep breaths.
  4. Ask yourself: "What is this interaction about? Why do I feel this way? What is the best way for me to respond? Where are my priorities at this moment?"
  5. If you’re feeling so overwhelmed that no immediate answers come to you, make a list of all the things that are making you
  6. Look at each item and carefully decide: What can be tackled right now? What can wait until later?

KIRSCHIAN PRINCIPLE When you take a step back and allow yourself to think, you’ll react in a much more positive manner; your outcome will be positive. Deep breathing promotes clear thinking. The thinking is the part that we often overlook and it’s the part that will allow YOU to maintain your energy rather than waste it.

For more tips, recipes, and workouts, be sure to check out all of David's posts here on FitSugar.

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Spectra Spectra 6 years
I do this when I'm debating about whether or not to skip my workouts. I tell myself: "Will I regret this later?" and the answer is almost always YES. Sometimes, I do allow myself a day off guilt-free, but you can't continually skip workouts or it can definitely become a pattern.
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
I Agree! Another trainer (Jillian Michaels) also says to ask yourself two critical questions whenever you're making decisions, ask yourself: 1- What are the consequences of the choices I am making? and 2- Is this choice bringing me closer to or farther away from my goals? In the end, I guess its all about being aware and awake and not living on autopilot.
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