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How to Stop and Prevent an Eye Twitch

How to Stop an Annoying Eye Twitch

eye twitchPesky eye twitches can come and go frequently throughout the day, sometimes lasting for about 30 seconds. The worst part about this twitch is that it can't be controlled and can be very distracting.

According to Dr. Oz, this involuntary twitching may be attributed to stress, fatigue, smoking, caffeine, or alcohol consumption. I don't smoke, get a decent amount of sleep, consume alcohol in moderation, and don't drink coffee or feel stressed. So what could it be? Other experts believe it is caused by misfiring of certain cells in one area of the brain that, in addition to the above reasons, can be aggravated by harsh light conditions.

Although annoying, these twitches — proper medical term is fasciculation — are very common and often not serious. But if it does persist over a long period of time (more than a few months), you should go see a doctor.


Here are some ways you can help alleviate twitches.

  1. Massage your face: Nerves cover our entire face, so you can massage your entire face — and the affected eyelid — from the inner to outer lid for about a minute. This will help relax the nerves that stimulate the eyes.
  2. Relax: Dr. Weil suggests incorporating relaxation techniques like deep breathing, slow stretching, or massage to help relieve twitching.
  3. Supplements: You can also take 200 mg of magnesium a day (citrate, glycinate, or chelate) and increase that to 500 mg a day until you notice a difference, says Dr. Weil. Magnesium is helpful because it's a mineral that assists with neurological function and muscle control.

Source: Flickr User Plinkk

Join The Conversation
Advah Advah 5 years
Our work Finance dept. can drive us nuts, and I've noticed my left eyelid twitches whenever someone says "finance" in meetings. It cracks my boss up, but might be time for some relaxation!
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 5 years
Thanks for these tips! I needed these! My left eye has been twitching for the last three months and my eye doctor's list looked a lot like Dr. Oz's. I'm going to try the magnesium angle.
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