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I'm all jazzed about kettlebells lately, and if you're looking for an exercise to use this unique piece of equipment, here's one to try. It's sure to tone your thighs and tush and give you sculpted shoulders.

For tips on how to do this move keep reading.

  • Stand with your feet wider than hips-width apart, toes slightly pointing out. Squat down and hold a kettlebell with both hands between your legs. Make sure your back is flat and your abs are engaged.
  • As you inhale, press into your feet and explode up, stepping your left leg behind you. Either plant your entire foot flat on the floor or land on the ball of your foot. As you lunge, swing the kettlebell up over your shoulders.
  • Slowly exhale and step your left foot forward, coming back into the low squat. Maintain control of the kettlebell as you swing it up and down.
  • This counts as one rep. Complete three sets of 12 to 15 reps on each side.
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mschelley mschelley 6 years
Eric is right. You really should look into proper kettlebell instruction because you can really hurt yourself. In fact, if you want to go to a great class in Santa Monica (on the beach) you should check out Missy is a RKC Certified instructor and her classes are fun and effective! Wednesday and Sundays - check the website for the locations and times.
Eric-Kenyon-RKC Eric-Kenyon-RKC 7 years
I am suggesting you get some kettlebell instruction from an RKC or AKC certified instructor, or at least get the book or video, "Enter the Kettlebell," by Pavel Tsatsouline. That movement pictured is weak and dangerous. The tiny kettlebell may take some of the danger away but it also cancels out any of the design features of the kettlebell. You may as well use a rock or a can of soup. The smallness of the kettlebell also cancels any of the benefits being claimed for the movement. The model's neck is in a dangerous position and the back is hunched, putting the lumbar spine at risk. The big puffy shoes are disconnecting the model from the ground, causing instability. If you really want "to tone your thighs and tush," do REAL kettelbell swings, safe, simple to execute with good instruction, and the best exercise for that purpose bar none. You will also become very fast and powerful in all your athletic movements, and if you do many, fat will burn off your body at a rate that will shock you. The swing is also the essential kettlebell lift, the rapid hip extension is the basis of all fast and powerful human movement. It is the drill that makes people think kettlebells are magic. In fact if you are not doing swings there is no point in using kettlebells at all. But learn to do them right. The best exercise for "sculpted shoulders," is the kettlebell military press, very safe and very easy to learn. The lift will also make you very strong and stable in all overhead lifting and all arm extension movements. Your shoulders will also be healthy, mobile and resilient. Again these benifits only happen if you do it right.
Fitness Fitness 7 years
imLissy - You're right! It's only a 5-pounder and I'm definitely in the market for a heavier one.
imLissy imLissy 7 years
that is a teeny kettlebell
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