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How to Stretch Your Back Using an Exercise Ball

Stretch It: Chest Opener on the Ball

Hands down, this is one of my favorite stretches to do on an exercise ball. It feels good on your back, but also gives your abs, chest, and shoulders a wonderful stretch. It's the type of stretch you do and immediately say, "ahhh."

  • Sit on an exercise ball, lean back, and walk your feet out so the ball is now underneath your spine. Keep your knees bent and your feet hip distance apart for stability.
  • Slowly walk your feet away from you to straighten your legs.
  • Extend your arms overhead to increase the stretch.
  • Stay here for 30 seconds, breathing deeply as you lengthen through the spine.
  • To release, walk your feet in and sit up.

I try to do this stretch after spin class or long bike rides. It's a great antidote for hunching over handlebars or a keyboard.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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