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How to Stretch Your Hamstrings

Yoga Three Ways: Hamstrings

If you've taken a few yoga classes, you'll find that depending on the instructor and the style of yoga, some poses are easy and relaxing, and some are better saved for those with incredible strength and flexibility. That's part of the beauty of yoga — there's a pose fit for everyone's needs and abilities.

Since the backs of our legs are a common tight area, here are three ways you can stretch those hamstrings. Head to Knee A will be the easiest, and allow you to focus on stretching one leg at a time. The middle pose, Intense Side Stretch, is a bit more challenging, and the last pose, Split, is meant for those with very flexible hamstrings. Choose the pose that best suits you, or follow the entire sequence, moving from easiest to hardest.

Head to Knee A

Intense Side Stretch


If yoga is one of your favorite forms of fitness, then check out the Yoga Stretch and Tell group. And tell us which hamstring stretch is your fave.

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