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How to Stretch Your Hamstrings and Lower Back 2010-01-29 09:15:44

Stretch It: Forward Bend Against a Wall

Take time out of your busy day and do this relaxing forward bend. All you need is a wall and a few minutes, and you'll feel an amazing stretch for your tight hamstrings and lower back.

To learn how to get into this stretch, read more.

  • Stand about eight or so inches away form the wall. If your hamstrings are flexible, you can move closer, and if they're tighter, step further away.
  • Swing your torso out to the side and then place your back on the wall. Allow the wall to support all your weight. Lift your arms up and place your palms on the wall.
  • Feel free to make some adjustments. Walk a little closer to the wall if you want to deepen the stretch, and at the same time, lower your shoulders so your torso and thighs are sandwiched together. Stay for at least 30 seconds, relaxing into the wall and breathing deeply.
  • When you're ready to come out, shift weight into your heels, swing your torso out to the side and stand up.
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