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How to Tone Your Arms For Your Wedding Day

How to Get Your Arms Picture-Perfect For the Big Day

kiss I'm in full-on wedding planning mode — I've decided on the venue, the photographer is booked, and the save-the-dates have been sent. But there's one area I haven't really tackled yet — my "get in tip-top shape for the wedding" game plan.

Here's the thing, I just want to tone up and look my best, so I don't think that requires going to boot camp for three hours a day until the big day. An area of my body that I would like to get picture-perfect ready is my arms — a neglected area that thankfully gets a decent regular workout during yoga class. Other than that, I don't do weights or targeted arm exercises. . . sorry biceps.

I'm not stressing at all, because I know if I start incorporating some of the following exercises into my regular fitness routine, I'll be all set to show off my arms when the wedding day arrives. And you will too! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Wedding Countdown Arm Plan: Follow this plan, which consists of many different upper arm exercises including elbow planks, hammer curls and overhead presses, and you'll have Michelle Obama arms in no time. And forget about having a great upper body for your wedding, these exercises will keep you toned for the entire Summer!
  • Arms, Abs, and Booty on the Ball: If you have an exercise ball, you may want to try these quick and effective exercises to tone your upper body. Ball bound I am!
  • Yoga Moves to Tone the Arms: I already do yoga — check. So now it's time for me to step it up a notch and actually focuses on some specific yoga moves that are designed to keep your arms svelte and sexy. Here are five different poses to choose from.
  • 5 Low Weight Arm Exercises: If you have a set of low pound weights it's time to dust them off and check out these exercises that are guaranteed to get your limbs looking lovely.
  • Print It: Arm Plan: Because I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to arm exercises, this printable arm exercises plan would be great for me. Just download the PDF file, print, and away you go!
  • Tone Those Triceps: Check out this exercise that targets your triceps and shapes them into sculpted muscles — yes please!
  • Get Wow Arms With This Yoga Sequence: You'll certainly wow the crowd if you regularly practice these yoga poses since they require you to hold your own body weight in various positions. Umm the forearm stand? Yeah, sure I can do that. Ah well, something to work towards!
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