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Beginner Fitness Tips
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How to Treat an Ankle Sprain

A Reader's Quick Recovery From a Painful Ankle Sprain

In the RunningSugar community group, FitSugar reader SpaceKatGal shared this story of how she sprained her ankle while running and nursed it back to health.

My ankle gave way to the uneven terrain, and I tripped and flew face-first towards the ground. My first thought was that I had just seriously injured myself.

All of this happened last Friday. They had closed the BU footbridge to the Charles, my usual running path. I was in a distracted mood anyway, and turned to run down another unfamiliar path instead. To be honest, I was listening to my podcast more than I was thinking about where I was running. I ended up planting half my foot on the edge of a flower bed. My ankle couldn't hold my weight, and flopped to the inside, violently tearing the ligaments. I went flying to the ground.


A very nice BU student saw the whole thing happen. She was so nice, helping me up — making sure I wasn't seriously hurt, and even got me a taxi home. I knew instantly that I couldn't walk, much less continue my run home. I called my husband, who left work immediately to make sure I was OK.

Head over to the RunningSugar community group to find out what happens next in SpaceKatGal's journey back to health. While you're there, post your own running story; it may end up right here on FitSugar!

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Hotlegs-Runner Hotlegs-Runner 6 years
Sorry to hear about this. =( When I had an ankle injury before I did the RICE treatment - rest, ice, compress and elevate. Hope you heal soon. =) ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥
lydialee_home lydialee_home 6 years
Sorry to hear that, and thanks for sharing. Hoped you recover soon.
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