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How to Trick Yourself Into Working Out

Not in the Mood? How to Trick Yourself Into a Workout

You know it's the right thing to do, but every once in a while, getting to a workout can feel close to impossible. A late night or a tough day at work can leave you wanting to cancel your fitness plans and have a date with your couch.

During these times, making time to exercise is even more essential, since it can restore endorphins, clear your head, and leave you with a sense of calm. If making moves to the gym is feeling difficult, then try one of these low-key ideas that start slow but might turn into a more intense workout session.

Go out for a walk: Start off on a leisurely walk, plug into your favorite inspiring workout playlist, and see what happens. Once you warm up a bit, you might find yourself on a brisk jog or alternating between a fast-paced walk and sprints.

Head to the pool: Planning on a pool day where you'll relax and cool off? All those bikini bodies might inspire you to get moving! What started off as a quick dip can easily turn into a few rounds of treading water or a ton of laps.

Stretch on your mat: Rolling out that yoga mat might be the only motivation you need. Once you move through a series of relaxing and restorative poses, your body might be feeling so great that you start moving through a few series of Sun Salutations to get your heart rate rising.

Start slow on a machine: Hop on the elliptical or a stationary bike, and start at a slow and steady pace as you catch up on your favorite show or magazines. Once you start to get into the groove, you might find yourself moving through your own short interval workout, alternating between periods of pushing your body of the max and rest periods.

How do you trick yourself into a workout? Tell me below!

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