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How to Use Cans and Pillows For at Home Workouts

Turn Everyday Objects Into Fitness Equipment

Exercise equipment is great at the gym, but if you don't want to shell out the money for at-home workouts, you can just make your own. There are a bunch of products already in your home that can double as exercise equipment. See if you have these three everyday items for getting your sweat on in your home gym.

Instead of: handheld weights
Use: canned tomatoes. Soup or other dense canned foods may not be skinny in the middle like dumbbells, but the ridges on the side will help keep your grip. Choose two of the same weight to work your arms.
How: use canned food in place of any handheld weight exercise you would do for your shoulders, biceps, or triceps. If you have options in your pantry, use the lightest cans for your shoulders and triceps while using the heavy set for biceps.

resistance band
Instead of: resistance band.
Use: the tie from your bathrobe. Many exercise classes are swapping out resistance bands for cloth karate ropes. A bathrobe tie works just as well as its black-belt counterpart.
How: this waist tie is great for stretching your legs. Use it while lying on your back to stretch your hamstrings, IT band, or calves by simply extending one leg into the air and hooking the strap around the sole of your foot. This is also a unique weapon for ab work. Try ab exercises where your legs are suspended out in front of you and your back is off the ground. You can loop the belt around one or both of your legs for more support and to take the strain out of your neck.


Keep reading for our third idea.

exercise ball
Instead of: soft exercise ball.
Use: a pillow from your bed. Although decorative pillows might look pretty, you'll be more comfortable sweating with the kind that have detachable covers like your sleeping pillows. A pillow can give you just as much resistance as a ball when folded in half.
How: if you choose to do standing thigh work from a fitness DVD or re-create a move from a barre class and don't have a soft exercise ball, use a pillow in place. Fold it in half and place it high in between your upper thighs. Use a pillow, in the same spot, to make your seated ab work more intense. To modify, use the folded pillow under your lower back for support while doing abs sitting up or upper back for crunches. A pillow can be just as accommodating, if not more, than your standard exercise ball.

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