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Little Ball, Big Results: Essential Moves For the Mini Exercise Ball

Dec 18 2015 - 1:10pm

We love versatile fitness tools, especially ones you can fold up and fit in your pocket, like the mini exericse ball. This must-have [1] ball inflates easily with a straw to a diameter of seven to 10 inches depending on the desired firmness. You can easily deflate the ball too. And once flat, it's easy to pack, making it perfect for traveling.

There are so many exercises you can do with these miniballs, but here are seven of our favorite moves.

Low-Abs and Inner-Thigh Squeeze

This stability exercise is a great move for firing up the inner thighs and abs.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Upper-Ab Crunch

The instability of the ball increases the work of a basic crunch, making it feel more concentrated in the upper abs.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Ab Curl

The strategic placement of the ball allows you to focus the toning work on those hard-to-reach middle abs.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Chest Stretch

This simple stretch is perfect for opening up the front of your body after doing ab work or after a day hunched over your computer's keyboard.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Bridge and Squeeze

Adding the ball at the knees works the inner thighs and ensures good leg alignment.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Bridge on Ball

Take it up a notch, and try this bridge variation to really tone your hamstrings and glutes.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

Inner-Thigh Squeeze

This move tones the inner thighs while working the abs, too.

Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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