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How to Use Strawberries For Weight Loss

3 Ways Strawberries Can Help You Lose Weight

Summer strawberries have endless options for being prepared and served. As an added bonus, enjoying this superfood's juicy texture and natural sweetness instead of some higher-calorie fruit options can also help you lose weight without feeling deprived.

Breakfast: Swap the artificial for the real deal.
Swap the fake for fresh! It's easy to grab a flavored yogurt and head out the door in the morning, but while most yogurts are low in calorie, they are often loaded with sugar. One serving of strawberry Greek yogurt contains 19 grams of sugar, but the same serving of plain Greek yogurt and one half-cup of mashed strawberries will cut back on 7 grams of sugar. Every little bit helps!

Lunch: Replace the dried with the juicy.
Salads are often a lunchtime choice because they offer variety, nutrition, and flavor. In some cases, salads toppings alone can hinder your diet and set you back big time. Dried cranberries, a common salad topping, contain 138 calories per one-third-cup serving. Cut calories and increase the portion size by replacing the cranberries with strawberries at only 53 calories per cup.

Dessert: Satisfy your sweet tooth for less.
There is nothing like a cold, refreshing treat on a hot Summer day. Unfortunately, these treats usually don't feel as good on your waistline. One scoop of Baskin-Robbins strawberry shortcake ice cream contains 280 calories. For an equally refreshing treat, try these watermelon strawberry mint popsicles. At only 31 calories a pop, they are all natural and will save you about 250 calories.

Source: Flickr user Bobolink

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