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How to Work Out Like a Boot Camp

Bootcamp Strategies to Steal For Your Workouts

Summer may mean the end of intense bikini-ready workouts, but no matter what your motivation, boot camps can be a great way to revamp your workout routine. But if you don't have the time or money to enroll in a boot camp, here are some ways you can inject the intensity of bootcamp classes into your life.

Combine it: Spending all your time on cardio alone can be a workout's downfall. While cardio is important for weight loss, "strength training is equally as important, and that's really what helps kick metabolism into high gear," says Joey Gonzalez, copresident of Barry's Bootcamp. Take a cue from a bootcamp class and mix up your cardio with strength training. These total-body bootcamp workouts will help you build muscle and torch calories.

Grab a friend: The energy of a bootcamp class can help push you further when your body is feeling like it's time to quit. Even if you don't have an instructor standing over you and yelling at you to hold plank for one more minute, buddying up with a friend can hold you just as accountable and keep you motivated.

Push yourself: Boot camps are all about upping the intensity and seeing your body get stronger as the weeks progress. Mimic that approach by incorporating intense intervals into your workouts: whether you're sprinting for a minute or adding a round of Tabata to your strength-training routine, make sure your workouts leave you as sweaty as a bootcamp class.

Change it up: Bootcamp classes challenge your body not just because they are intense workouts, but also because your instructor constantly keeps you challenged. When you go to class, you never know if you'll be working with medicine balls or doing walking lunges around the gym. If you need ideas about how to inject some variety into your strength-training routine, follow along to one of our 10-minute workout videos with some of Hollywood's top trainers.

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