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How to Work Out at Work

3 Clever Ways to Stay Healthy at Your 9-to-5

Anyone with a desk job knows the pitfalls of sitting all day. Your legs . . . they miss moving around! Thankfully, some smart Redditors are sharing their ingenious hacks to get you feeling healthy while stuck in that cubicle — aside from taking the stairs or using a standing desk, of course. Once you read 'em, you'll have no excuses!

  1. The unhealthy snack hack: "I work a desk job, so I sit on an exercise ball, and put a $1 in a jar on my desk every time I don't cave and get an unhealthy afternoon snack. When it gets to X amount, I buy myself a new piece of workout clothes."
  2. The lap around: "I work at a desk in a large building so I try to do a lap of the floor once an hour. It's about a five minute walk."
  3. The co-worker competition: "A friend at work and I have started a game where whenever our boss leaves the pod, we do push-ups. We haven't started a full-on competition yet, but we're hoping to, soon. I also have a resistance band (the kind that's just a strip of rubbery material) that I keep at my desk. I haven't been keeping up on the exercises my PT had me doing to correct my scapular (shoulder blade) tracking, so I'm doing that at my desk, now."

Tell us: what are some unexpected ways you get in some extra exercise?

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