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How Yoga Became One OnSugar Blogger's Saving Grace

OnSugar blogger — and yoga instructor — Yoga Off the Mat shared the following post, which was written by one of his students. It's an inspirational story about the life-changing effects of yoga.

I used to be a snob when it came to yoga. I figured that if you weren't sweating, struggling and in pain, then it wasn't a workout. The way I grew up, exercise meant running until you threw up. It's the Canadian way. I always thought that if I tried yoga, it would have to be incorporated into my schedule as a last resort. I would do everything else first, work out at the gym as much as possible, and if there was time at the end of the week I would maybe try and kinda sorta attempt to go to a yoga class. Maybe. Wow. What a smart plan.

I think it was fate that led me to become hooked on yoga. About a year ago everything in my world seemed to go south. The details don't really matter at this point, but basically my love life blew up in my face, I left my management company, my visa work permit was denied . . . twice, I got audited . . . twice, my Dad and I got in a relationship-ending fight, and I had no upcoming singing work. At all. Zero. Zip. Also, my roommate kindly let me know that he didn't want me living in my apartment anymore. Awesome. When it rains, it pours right? All this crap took a big toll on a lot of things in my life, but mostly on my confidence. It just vanished. Disappeared and I didn't really know where it went, or more importantly, how to find it again.


Read more of her story after the break!

I realized that I needed to try something new. I'd always been curious about yoga. I had tried Pilates when I lived in Philadelphia, and I was into Bikram yoga for a hot second (pun intended) while I lived in New York. I also figured that San Francisco was the city of yogis. I started searching nearby for studios. The first one to come up was Aha Yoga. They were the closest to my home address and had high ratings on yelp. They also had pretty pictures of the studio. And a new student deal. Bingo. I gathered up what was left of my courage and went to Tom's Vinyasa Flow class. I was the first person there as I was anxious to get the lay of the land and not feel even more awkward than I knew I would. Tom Lee greeted me and he was warm and open and kind . . . and I got the nervous sweats.

The class was terrifying and full of Marina girls in their sports bras and hot pants. They'd touch their nose to their own ass and I smiled to myself and thought, "Well I could do that too if my boobs weren't giant spirit orbs." My first yoga class was sweaty, humbling, and completely wonderful. I could not have asked for a better teacher for my maiden voyage into the land of yoga.

Continue reading the post over at Yoga Off the Mat to find out how yoga changed this gal's life forever.

Source: Flickr user lululemon athletica

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