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Hula Hooping Classes

Class Act: Hooping

I am not talking about hoops as in basketball. Nope, I'm referring to the hula hoop here. Beyoncé does it to stay in shape because it simultaneously tones your abs and glutes and helps get rid of love handles. Just like spinning or kickboxing, you can sign up for Hooping classes (also called HoopDance and HoopClass. It may seem like a joke, but in order to keep a hula hoop spinning in motion, you've really got to sway your hips quickly so it definitely gets your heart rate up. Plus hula hooping for eight minutes can burn up to 110 calories, so even though this seems like all fun, it really is a great workout. Ask your local gym if they offer classes or workshops.

Fit's Tip: Looking for a hoop group in your area to meet fellow hula hoopers and learn some cool tricks? Then check out this directory.

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