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I Don't Buy It: $59 Brassage Bra Prevents Breast Cancer

I Don't Buy It: $59 Brassage Bra Prevents Breast Cancer

We all wish there was a cure for breast cancer since almost 200,000 woman are diagnosed with it each year. Wouldn't it be great if the cure was as easy as getting dressed in the morning? That's the notion behind the Brassage — a bra that massages your lymph nodes while you wear it. It's based on the patented LETflow Technology, a design by chiropractor Dr. Jayson Sher, which involves bumpy side panels on the bra that massage the lymph nodes. This "enhances the body's natural breast cleansing flow" and releases toxins, thereby making the breast tissue healthy. Christina Erteszek (daughter of famous lingerie designer Olga) loved the idea so much that she started manufacturing the Brassage. She claims it's not a cure-all for breast cancer, but it "helps relieve possible infection and disease." Hmm. While we all wish this bra was the answer, there's absolutely no medical research to back up the fact that massaging toxins out of our breasts will prevent breast cancer.

To see the video interview from Good Morning America questioning the claims made by the Brassage


It's wrong to suggest to women that something could help prevent such a serious and life-threatening condition such as breast cancer. Thankfully though, now that some light has been shed on the Brassage and it's non-medical claims, Intimate Health has stopped manufacturing it.

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