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I Don't Buy It: AB-DOer Xtreme

I Don't Buy It: AB-DOer Xtreme

Who doesn't want to have a thin, sculpted belly? People are even getting 6-Pack Surgery, but if you're like most people, you won't go under the knife to get flat abs. Fitness equipment companies know this, so they create numerous devices that supposedly melt away belly fat.

Here's a new one I came upon called the AB-DOer Xtreme ($100). Get this - it's a machine that "works your entire waistline and helps you lose weight, burn fat and build muscle...Not only is it possible to lose weight and inches, but it's fast and easy." Hmm...

I do like that this machine gets you moving, but come on! The ad says you will lose 10 pounds in a month by using the machine! It's such a scam that so many people fall for. Here's the deal. You can't get rock hard abs just by toning your belly. You've also got to do cardio to burn calories and get rid of the layer of fat that's covering your muscles.

Fit's Tips: You don't need to spend $100 on the AB-DOer, or any other ab strengthening piece of fitness equipment (like the Excel Body Gym). My advice is to get yourself a pair of sneakers and start walking or running to burn calories. Then work on strength training exercises (that you can do on the carpet) to tone your mid-section. It's cheaper, healthier for your body since you're working your heart and other muscles, and more effective too.

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belindaf belindaf 4 years
I have to say i have one and I use in and it has helped me. Ive had two bouts with col rectal cancer and to be able to set and bend side to side and have something to hold on to has helped to limber me up. plus it is mild cardio .I like it and use it and have seen a small result
tglynn tglynn 9 years
oh my goodness. I would totally goof off on that thing. I can't take it seriously XD
Anne-73 Anne-73 9 years
Here's some info I share with my personal training clients. I used to work in a very expensive health club and we (the trainers) would get approached all of the time by people trying to cast their infomercials. They wanted people who looked like they were in great shape, even though we had never used any of the equipment they wanted us to sell.
erlking erlking 9 years
This guy John Abdo was on an episode Penn & Teller's BS! and he came off like a complete conman. Just as most latenight fitness infomercial hucksters out there.
Everythingandme Everythingandme 9 years
So damn true! We don't need anything else than motivation. It's all in the head.
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
Things like this amuse me simply because people believe them! I see people on the ab machines at the gym and they are clearly quite overweight and hoping to spot reduce.. =(
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 9 years
Muppets, I hear you! I just took my ab roller & my buns-n-thighs machine to Goodwill. They were both still in the box & the buns-n-thighs one had never even been opened. I don't even remember buying it, to be honest! Right now, I'm really wanting to get the Fluidity bar system. I haven't given in yet, though! Having to haul the other two devices out of the house has helped me resist it.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
If it's toogood to be true, it probably is...
tiff58 tiff58 9 years
Just do some crunches- they're free!
MuppetsForDinner MuppetsForDinner 9 years
Actually, you probably can get rock hard abs. They just don't mention that they will still be covered by fat if you don't diet and do some cardio, too. By the way, I'm not going to say I've never fallen for this. Ever tried the Ab-Slide? Yeah, it sucks.
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