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I Don't Buy It: Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

I Don't Buy It: Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

While I am a true believer in some herbal supplements, like Valerian root as a sleep aid, there are some herbal supplements that just seem fishy to me. Then again, the whole weight loss through a pill method of dieting doesn't really sit well with me either. A few people have asked me recently about bitter orange herbal supplements for weight loss. Since ephedra has been banned, bitter orange is the new "go to" ingredient in many "ephedra free" products. However, according to the Mayo Clinic many of the health risks associated with ephedra are most likely true for bitter orange as well. Ephedra and bitter orange contain similar chemicals that can cause high blood pressure and irregular heart beats. Both herbs can interfere with metabolizing other forms of medication.

In addition to being considered unsafe, most studies of bitter orange have not found it to be an effective weight loss aid. You know what is considered effective for weight loss? Diet and exercise. There is no magic pill and that is the bitter truth about bitter orange.

If you are looking to lose weight, check out these diet tips or join Fit's Dieters Support Group for a little community support.


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