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I Don't Buy It: Rom the Time Machine

I Don't Buy It: Rom the Time Machine

Oh, where to begin on this one.

First of all, I don't even know which way is up on the Rom the Time Machine contraption. What I do know is that it promises you can get a complete workout in only four minutes. The machine, which is part exercise bike part resistance machine, is like no other fitness gadget you've ever seen, unless you scour the back pages of magazines like I do.

Second of all, while I have never tried it, I am pretty confident in saying that it's not necessary for a good workout. Plus, if you truly want to get all the heart pumping benefits of exercise, I would suggest following the new guidelines for exercise (cardio 30 minutes, five days a week). What's more? 30 minutes of exercise shouldn't cost you $14,615. No, that is not a typo: The Rom Machine will cost you over $14K. Guess how much a run costs you outside on the sidewalk? Nothing, unless you get a sweet pair of running shoes at about $150.

Find out more information at, but beware it's a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo.

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