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I Dream of Genie!

When you are working out or doing a certain type of sport, do you ever feel that your body just wasn't made for it? Or maybe that your body just doesn't move that way? You could be totally right!

CyGene is a genetic testing company that claims they can provide you with a full markup of your DNA so you can see if your DNA predisposes you to perform better at endurance or strength athletics. CyGene claims that it will allow you to optimize your training for peak performance -- experts are critical on what it really does for you other than give you a very confusing workout and take $99.95 from your bank account. Some people are totally into this kind of thing regardless of what the experts think, so if you'd like to give it a try, order your Optimum Athletic Performance DNA Analysis here.

scratch5 scratch5 10 years you think they could tell my why I don't like running? Just Kidding. I am a little suspicious that our genes can provide such specific information.
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