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When it comes to running on a treadmill indoors, some people love it and some don't. But personally, I love it.
If you fall in the don't category and are hesitant to hop on the treadmill,

Here are some reasons to love the treadmill:

  • Watching TV.
  • Listening to your iPod as loud as you want without having to worry about safety issues.
  • Adjusting the incline for better body sculpting.
  • Raining? Snowing? Who cares.
  • Getting lost is not an issue.
  • Leaving traffic lights and stop signs for drivers.
  • Scorching and harmful UV rays aren't luring above your treadmill.
  • Having a heart rate monitor at your fingertips.
  • Looking at the display screen and seeing how hard you've worked.
  • If you're at the gym, being motivated by everyone else working out around you.


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