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Ideal Bite: Share the Green to Win

Who couldn't use a little daily reminder on how and why to be green? That is why I am loving the e-mail tips I receive daily during my workweek from Ideal Bite. They even send me a second green tip specifically about San Francisco, so I can think globally but get my green on locally. Those local tips are not limited to just my fair city; Ideal Bite has local additions for NYC, Chicago, Seattle and LA too.

My friends over at Ideal Bite decided to sponsor a post here so I could tell you all about a great giveaway they are having right now. To enter all you have to do is invite a friend to check out Ideal Bite, and the more friends you invite the greater your chances of winning one of five $200 gift certificates for Wolavers Organic Ales. Don't worry if you not of age yet to partake of the organic brew, Wolavers has a bunch of other fun gear you spend your green backs on.

If you are not yet signed up to receive tips from Ideal Bite, just sign up here. Don't forget to help "green" your friends by inviting them here.

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bluestarfish bluestarfish 9 years
oh and let me clarify that by 'health' I didn't mean losing weight... i just meant is organic better for your overall health. Like can your body process the food easier, is it really that big of a difference without pesticides, how bad are pesticides really? I mean assuming you wash your conventionally grown stuff. And as for the impact to the environment, well its great to do things that are better for the environment, and if I were to buy organic I think that would have to be the sole reason. But really, I am sure there are more economically efficient ways to help the environment than by buying organic. But thank you everyone for your input! I appreciate all your comments!
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
I've been getting emails from IdealBite for about a month or so now and they are actually really great tips.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i know this is in FitSugar - but re: organic food...what about thinking of the environmental benefits rather than just your health? How can all those pesticides, herbicides etc possibly be good for the environment, the farmers who grow the food and people who eat it? and really - who says eating organic is going to make you lose weight? it is just like being vegan - cutting out meat and conventional items alone does not make it a healthy way to go if you are eating vegan, organic potato chips all the time, for instance!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I'm with you, bluestarfish. I generally don't buy organic because it's just too expensive. It's not like I buy junk, I just buy conventionally grown things. I understand the point of organic fruits and veggies (and to a certain extent, meats). But "organic" mac and cheese and "organic" beer just seems so ridiculous. I knew a guy who weighed something like 320 lbs and ate ONLY organic food. The problem was, he was eating organic chocolate, organic ice cream, organic mac and cheese, etc. So yeah, I dunno...I avoid the processed junk and eat conventionally grown produce that I wash really well. I think it's probably better to eat the nonprocessed, nonorganic healthy foods rather than organic processed stuff.
bluestarfish bluestarfish 9 years
I need a little bit more convincing on this whole organic thing...I try to eat healthy, and sometimes I will shop at Whole Foods (also referred to as Whole Paycheck)where I can stock up on organic fruits and vegetables. My question all the extra money I am spending really worth it? It seems that everyone and everything is trying to go "organic" lately, but at what cost? Is it REALLY any better for me? I'm starting to think its just a stupid fad. I mean I guess I can see how organic fruits and vegetables are better for me, but what about spending 5 dollars on a loaf of organic bread? Gimme a break! Someone needs to convince me that I really am doing something better for my body by buying organic or I'm never spending the extra money again. Thanks! oh, and I don't mean to sound bitter! :)
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