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Ideas For Active Holiday Traditions From Olympian Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh Shares Her Active Holiday Traditions

The following post was written by Olympic athlete and mom Kerri Walsh, two-time gold medalist in pairs beach volleyball.

I am constantly running and gunning throughout the holidays. Whether I'm jogging it out from store to store Christmas shopping, or lifting heavy boxes of decorations in preparation for my favorite time of year, I am constantly moving. Another thing I constantly do during the holidays is indulge, and by this I mean I eat. A lot. In order to temper the calories going in, I make certain that my level of activity remains high. I know I'll never win this battle (and truthfully, I don't necessarily want to), but I also know that I'll enjoy all the goodies that much more if I feel I've earned them.

Here's my Thanksgiving battle plan:

  • Schedule days and times to work out in your days. If you plan for it, it's more likely that it will happen.
  • Why walk when you can jog? Why take the escalator when you can take the stairs? Why not throw in some random lunges when you have the time? My point is to take advantage of those situations that give you a choice — take it easy or get that blood pumping . . . You'll feel less guilty when you have that pie a la mode.

Learn how Christmas trees fit into Kerri's plan when you

  • Family walks — this is a favorite of mine during the holidays. Pre- or post-dinner, it's always a welcome way to spend time with loved ones, enjoy the brisk weather, and stay off your buns.

  • My all-time favorite Thanksgiving tradition is our family's Christmas tree hunt that takes place the day after Thanksgiving.
    Anywhere between 30-50 family members head up to the Santa Cruz mountains to our favorite Christmas tree farm. From the second we get out of the car, it's on! Everyone scurries around looking for their perfect tree. All the cousins (of which I am one) start a game of hide and seek once their respective trees are found. It's usually damp and cold while we're looking, but we always end up working up a sweat in the end. It is so fun!
  • So, my motto during the holidays is: Go ahead INDULGE! Just make sure you EARN it!!

    Be sure to catch up and read all of Kerri's great posts on FitSugar!

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