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Identities of the New Trainers on The Biggest Loser, Season 11

The New Biggest Loser Trainers: Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronova

If you watched The Biggest Loser last night like me, you saw the reveal of the show's two newest trainers — well, sort of. The producers showed a quick glimpse of the trainers' silhouettes while playing a small snippet of their voices. Here's what I learned: it takes two trainers to replace Jillian, the guy trainer looks like he knows his Capoeira, and the female trainer is a former boxing champion. And even though I have no real clue who these new trainers are, it won't stop me from guessing!

Anyone that knows Beachbody fitness or has seen the RevAbs infomercial will probably agree that the new male trainer is most likely celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel. From what I saw on The Biggest Loser last night, the new male trainer moves, looks, and sounds just like Brett. Like Bob, Brett is easy on the eyes, but from what I can tell, his approach tends to be a bit softer than team Jillian and Bob. Brett is sure to deliver the goods, though — he's spent his life on a holistic approach to health with his fitness focus being in Capoeira and Muay Thai kickboxing.

As for the new female trainer, I'm pretty stumped, though I have a few guesses. What we know is that she seems to take on a boot-camp-style approach and is a former boxing champion. After watching the limited clip of her from The Biggest Loser, my top three choices are female boxers Monica Rumler, Mikaela Mayer, and Maureen Shea. All of these women will look good on TV, are media savvy, and definitely have the skills to pull it off. Maureen Shea seems a likely choice, having appeared on the MTV show Made, where she trained and transformed a high school ballerina into an amateur boxer.


Updated on 12/16/2010: After getting a tip from Lisa Johnson, I'm putting my money towards Cara Castronova as the new female trainer. She sounds and looks exactly like the new female trainer in The Biggest Loser preview clip and has been trying to break into TV and film for the last several years. She's also a two-time Golden Gloves champ, which is one of the clues that was given towards the identity of the new Biggest Loser female trainer.

Updated on 1/6/2011: Jillian Michaels confirms the new trainers' identities. Find out what Jillian said by reading more!

Updated on 1/18/2011: On tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser, Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronova were revealed as the show's "unknown" trainers. We had it right all along!

Sugartooth Sugartooth 6 years
I bet I know who it is. One of my favorite fitness coaches...Jennifer Nicole Lee!! I love her
PureGrace PureGrace 6 years
It's definitely Cara. I went to college with her and I think she will do a fantastic job. I knew she was a boxer but I didn't realize how hardcore she was. Go Cara!
shobabe shobabe 6 years
DEFINITELY Brett Hoebel for the male trainer..
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