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I'm Dreaming of a White Ice Cream Cone...

Do you ever dream about food? It happens to me on occasion, but I never really thought out the implications of the dream, I just thought I was hungry or possibly craving a food that my diet would not let me eat -- That is until now.

I may be stepping on DearSugar's and YumSugar's territory here but ediets got the scoop on what your foodie dreams mean, so here is the run down:

For starters, seeing a green, leafy salad is your body's way of telling you to take better care of yourself. Eat better from now on to avoid sickness and bad health.

Ice cream suggests good luck and much success in your love life, so go ahead and eat the whole thing. Beware, though, if your sundae has nuts on it -- you're in for some craziness or confusion. They can also be translated as a pun on "testicles" and refer to your sex life. Bottom line: A few nuts on your ice cream means you're destined for a wild, passionate relationship.

Chocoholics can rest easy with their dreams -- any dream about chocolate denotes good health and happiness, as well as a fondness for a pampered lifestyle. Obviously, you were meant to live it up in the lap of luxury. Indulge and buy something nice for yourself.

To see a cake or cookies shows friends will soon do something nice for you. If the sweets look ugly or burnt, however, you're in for a short spell of bad luck. You didn't think you were going to have your cake and eat it too, did you?

Are you dreaming about pasta, coffee and/or fruit? Then

Carb-cutters may think dreams of pasta are just signs of withdrawal, but macaroni is actually a warning to be frugal and save money. Noodles generally warn of a series of various small losses which, if not planned for, could really add up.

As for the main course, eating a roast is never a good sign (it shows betrayal at home); savoring a helping of any stew means a secret admirer will reveal him or herself to you; fish forces you to make a choice between what you really want and what's practical; and a sandwich suggests you're under a lot of pressure, but that you have the ability to juggle your stresses and come out ahead.

Grab a handful of crackers during your shut-eye and you're probably too picky when it comes to male companionship. Lay off a little and see your love life shift into high gear.

Salty foods like potato chips or pretzels are a sign of complete chaos. Fights and quarrels could be in your near future, so try to stay cool around family and friends -- and keep future damage control to a minimum.

A hearty breakfast has much meaning. Any dream with meat in it (ham, sausage, bacon, etc.) suggests you've overindulged in materialism. Cut back your budget a little, unless, that is, there are eggs on your dream plate as well. Eggs signify excellent financial gains, so you should be back on your feet soon enough.

Like a little fruit or juice with your morning meal? Oranges mean investments will pay off, apples suggest you work too hard and too long for not enough recognition, and grapefruit denotes hidden talents yet to be discovered.

Drinking coffee is also extremely revealing. Drink alone and you need to put in some extra thought before making an important decision. Drink it with someone else, and you likely have stronger feelings for them than you acknowledge.


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