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Beaner Beaner 9 years
Ha! I do love my Nike + SPorts Kit, although I need to buy a new receiver because my battery just died.
starkiss23 starkiss23 9 years
That's awesome.. I just got a Nike Plus thing for Christmas and I can't wait to start using it.
Salernol928 Salernol928 9 years
Love the Brits! I want to see that commercial here!
Hollywoodjess Hollywoodjess 9 years
what was that calorie counter on his ipod?! I want one!!
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
This is a great commercial!
DearSugar DearSugar 9 years
Too funny!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Hehehe, that was such a great commercial!
SeaFoamGreen215 SeaFoamGreen215 9 years
persephone76 persephone76 9 years
Great commercial! So funny.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
LMAO!! This was a great ad. I, too, felt the same way when I first started running. I had "thunder thighs" to get rid of, and running sure helped that.
watts watts 9 years
I don't like running either. However, I am addicted now after seeing the effect it has on my body. I think this commercial is great.
this was cute
sierraballet22 sierraballet22 9 years
Love it. Especially...YET.
hebrew-hunny hebrew-hunny 9 years
I love this ad.
GeikoSera GeikoSera 9 years
So funny and so so true!
joannakm joannakm 9 years
nancita nancita 9 years
this is great! I felt the same way about running when I started, except replace "man boobs" with "love handles." Actually, I still don't really consider myself a runner, though I like it more now.
ShedItandGetIt ShedItandGetIt 9 years
HAHA I literally laughed out loud
lanuchan lanuchan 9 years
aw that was cute--i like when commercials are a little different.
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 9 years
Very funny! :)
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
BOO Nike! Can't support them until they stop supporting animal abusers, and stop using animals in a negative light to sell products. :(
mrsgrillo mrsgrillo 9 years
that is fabulous. I love it
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Hahaha awwww that is great! Made me laugh ;)
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
I love this commercial!!!! LMAO
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