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I'm Too Skinny: Too Skinny for This Show

I'm Too Skinny: Too Skinny for This Show

Even though NY did not seem to follow the recent trend in making models that are too skinny sit out the runway, Madrid is definitely pulling its weight (no pun intended).

Madrid, the first city last year to ban models who are too skinny, has gone a step further this year and declared 5 models too thin for the catwalk at this week's international designer show. The other 64 models who were checked had enough fat on them to take part on the runways, including one, Maria Campoy, who was banned in September for being too boney. Campoy actually had to gain weight for this year's show and she did, which I think is fantastic.

With the fashion weeks hopping from city to city, eating disorders are a hot topic right now, but do you blame the fashion industry? Take my poll to cast your vote and see what others are saying.

In other news, my good buddy Giggle brought this to my attention: A London based restaurant gives skinny models free food. Sad, but true and definitely worth a giggle.

misstiffie misstiffie 10 years
I think this is dumb. If a model obviously has an unhealthy lifestyle OF COURSE you should ban her from the runway. But don't ban a woman who's NATURALLY really skinny... You can't judge someone just from BMI and waist size. Even MY BMI is below their new standard 18, and that's dumb cuz I'm not close to being model-esque. They should filter girls out thru their lifestyle and how healthy they are... not by how tiny they are.
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
^Thanks for correcting me, quietriott. I just remember skimming a thread on a fashion board and many girls were complaining about the cut-off since they all claimed to be naturally thin. I have friends who are probably under an 18 BMI and they don't diet or exercise excessively, so I guess for some lucky girls, it is entirely possible.
Greentea1203 Greentea1203 10 years
I'm 25 and my metabolism hasn't slowed down at all. I can eat what I want and never work out--I have a six pack even when I don't do crunches. That's definitely genetics. Granted, I eat healthy (most of the time--I love junk food) and do exercise because I like to. My BMI is 17.7 and I do eat. I think they should ban super skinny models, but the BMI requirements shouldn't be as high as 18.5
laughitoff laughitoff 10 years,,665141_665143,00.html?pounds=100&inches=68&x=63&y=7 that's a good bmi chart- The 15-year-old girl is pretty underweight...
laughitoff laughitoff 10 years
Genetics doesn't have as much to do with weight as people think. When that 15-year-old reaches adulthood her metabolism will likely slow down, as did mine. Being in the modeling industry, I have to say most girls I know do not eat much, or fake it and throw up. I'm glad something is being done. It just needs to hurry up!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
that is all well and good that some people are under that bmi, but not everyone can be a model. if you cant do it if your too fat then you cant do it if your too skinny. plain and simple flutter-the one, the only, accept no substitutions
quietriott quietriott 10 years
18.5- 25 was the recommended BMI. They banned anyone under 18 And for what its worth, its nice to see the fashion industry moving towards healthier body images.
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
I think the 18.5 BMI rule is too high...there are a lot of people who are naturally thinner/lighter than that requirement, and I think it's unfair to them. I think a 17.5 or 18 BMI cut-off would be more fair...I don't think there are quite so many people who are under BMI 17.5 without using drugs or starvation.
JessNess JessNess 10 years
esk4- I understand what you are saying. I knew a girl who was sooo skinny but it was genetics that made her that way. Social Services even threatened to take her away. Her parents had to find old family pictures to prove that it was genetic While there are models that are naturally skinny there are many more models who are still skinny but take drastic measures to make themselves skinnier. The industry is still promoting skinny models but a healthier skinny. You are not going to see a size 10 on the runway any time soon but a healthier skinny a la Gisele Bundchen (first one to come to my mind) is good for people everywhere
esk4 esk4 10 years
I don't like this, I know a 15 year old girl who would do anything to put on weight, she eats like a horse and is healthy and active, and just can't catch a break. While this may be a problem some of you say you would like to have, keep in mind she's 5'8" and weighs just barely 100lbs.. I mean to her this is like the equivelent of fat people being banned from runways, I get people want to stop annorexia, but what about the message it sends to girls who are healthy and just happen to be really skinny? She has horrible self esteem because people are always putting skinny people in a negative light, and this is only furthering that.
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