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Get Heart Healthy With Just 30 Minutes of Exercise a Week


Don't just sit there! A little exercise goes a long way. A recent study led by the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University in Canada found that just 30 minutes of exercise a week can lower the risk of a heart attack by about 30 percent. Fighting heart disease might not be your biggest concern, but the power of even a bit of physical activity is certainly motivating.

The study followed over 24,000 men and women of all ages, from 52 countries, and compared the work and exercise habits of the participants, 10,043 of which had already experienced a heart attack and the other 14,217 had no history of cardiovascular disease. The research found that any level of physical activity can lower the risk. The data, which made its way into the European Heart Journal this week, notes how the risk drops 13 percent for mild activity like yoga or slow walking, 24 percent for moderate activity like biking, and 30 percent for more strenuous physical activity like running. Surprisingly, the percentage didn't increase if the duration of physical activity went up — although 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a week was the sweet spot — which can be spread out over each day.

Now we all know how good exercise is for our overall health, which is why it's important to make sure you are exercising at least 60 minutes each week. And if you are looking to lose and maintain a certain weight, you'll want to engage in moderate exercise for five days a week. And by moderate, I mean "slightly breathless," making sure you get your heart rate up.

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leemorg leemorg 5 years
Hi there, This is a great little bit of info, thanks for sharing! 30 minutes of exercise daily may seem daunting, but luckily, you it doesn't have to be as difficult as getting in a super-sweaty gym session. True, a hard run on the treadmill can burn more calories than just going for a walk, but simply getting your heart rate up with any level of physical activity can be beneficial as well. How you can make getting in your 30 minutes a day a whole lot easier: 1) Break Up Your Cardio 30 minutes non-stop can seem a bit intimidating, especially if you're counting your half-hour treadmill session as part of your 30. If you can't complete it all at once, break your cardio in more manageable chunks, say 10 minutes here and there. Every minute counts, and does all the walking you do during your day--15 minutes to the grocery store and back, 5 minutes to your car, and another 10 minutes just for pleasure. 2) Get Off One Stop Earlier If you take public transit, opt to get off the bus a stop earlier. Provided that the distance between stops isn't something ridiculous, getting off the bus earlier forces you to get moving. Tip: Make sure you leave the house with enough time to account for your walking to prevent being late for appointments. If getting off the bus earlier on your way back home, bring a pair of flats or comfier shoes to avoid getting blisters. 3) Break Up Your Sitting Like breaking up your cardio, breaking up long periods of sitting can be an easy way to get moving and raking up your active minutes. If you're at work, take that file and courier it to the 8th floor yourself, take the stairs during lunch, go fill up your glass at the water in the far corner. Mentally, getting up and out of your chair is beneficial too, so there's even more incentive to avoid being sedentary for long stretches of time. Hope this helps. I'll have to try the stairs this week and see how that goes :) Best, Lee customizingfitness. com
yogarunlive yogarunlive 5 years
Good to know! Right now I'm at 5-6 times a week for 45-60 minutes each time.
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