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Indoor Bicycle Trainer from Bell

No matter what your reasons for having to stay inside are (the weather, that newborn baby you just had, the episode of Oprah you just can't miss...) you can still get in a biking workout, even if you don't own a stationary bike. No, I'm not telling you to bike around your house...

It seems that almost all of us have a bike laying around the house somewhere, right?. Perhaps collecting dust? Think about putting that bike to good use by turning it into an indoor stationary bike. The Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer ($98.64) can easily convert that old (or new) bike into a cycling trainer for indoor riding. It even has magnetic resistance to make your indoor riding a little more challenging. A lot of cyclists will get these indoor trainers to be able to train indoors on their racing bike, but you can use it simply for exercise too. Buy it from FYI: A bit of assembly is required.

Fit's Tips: Something to consider that should not deter you, but is worth the thought: Dragging your bike inside from the garage or basement (or even attic). I'm not saying this should be the end all be all, but just keep it in mind.

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Kate14909563 Kate14909563 9 years
So I was using it this morning and realized that I never posted about how it's great! It can be a little loud in the higher gears, but that is mostly because I have a mountain bike and the tires are knobby. I have heard that with racing/road bikes there is less of a hum. I don't have an issue with moving my bike around since I live in an apartment in they city so I keep my bike in my apartment when I am not using it anyway. The assembly is really easy, basically set back tire of the bike on it and tighten the "arms" on the sides.
Kate14909563 Kate14909563 10 years
My brother actually just bought me this model for my birthday after we did some research on different trainers. I haven't used it yet since the weather has been nice enough to ride outside but as soon as I do I will post another comment.
SU3 SU3 10 years
No, I'm not telling you to bike around your house... :ROTFL: Interesting! I'm curious to see how it works with the bike!
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