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Indoor Mini Triathlons at the Gym

If you really want to challenge yourself physically and mentally, signing up for an Ironman triathlon is the way to go. This mutli-sport competition involves three astounding events: a 2.4-mile swim (77 laps), a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run. Whether you're training for a triathlon or just want to switch up your cardio routine, Sugar user mamasitamalita had a brilliant idea.

Complete a mini triathlon inside at the gym. Spend 15 to 20 minutes in the pool, then move to the stationary bike for same amount of time, then hop on the treadmill for the last leg. Or you can change up the "events" and use the stair climber, the rowing machine, or the elliptical. She says, "It's an especially good way to get back in shape if you haven't worked out in awhile." Not only is it a good idea to do at least three types of cardio throughout the week, but it's even better to do three different types in one workout. Thanks for the idea!


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cowelltraining cowelltraining 8 years
This is an awesome idea. I am a personal trainer in New York City and I am going to set up an indoor triathlon. What do you think about a day one triathlon, 6 weeks of progressive training and then a follow-up triathlon?
pink-pirate pink-pirate 8 years
I've done swimming + running before but never thought to try all three like this. I might just do it today! Definitely agree swimming as the last workout is the easiest so you can jump straight into the shower afterwards.
PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 8 years
This is a great idea!
polkadots567 polkadots567 8 years
what a good idea!
lydialee_home lydialee_home 8 years
Looking forward for you race report - runningesq!! I just wished I thought of doing it when I was much younger and before having kids.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
I like your idea Lydialee. A reverse tri would definetly be easier to handle in a gym. Getting out of the pool and then moving to the bike seems pretty messy and wet to me. ^^; I would love to try my hand at a triathalon. maybe doing this a couple times will move me in the right direction. now i just got to get my butt to the gym.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Great idea! Way to go mamasitamali!
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Every time I read ANYTHING about Ironman I get goosebumps. Ironman Cozumel Nov 29 09 ... a little over 6 months eeps ! I'll let you know how it goes, Fit :)
This is a great idea!!! I ate poorly on Cinco de Mayo and this might help me get back on track
lydialee_home lydialee_home 8 years
I normally have reverse Tri - Start with Run, then spin class, followed by Swim. It's easier for me this way, as I can take a shower and go home immediately after that. :)
syako syako 8 years
It is a great idea mama! I might try this (but not the pool since my new gym doesn't have one :( )
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 8 years
this made my day!!! I'm glad you liked the idea, Fit!
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