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Indoor Smokeless Cigarettes?

Smoking, thank goodness, is banned in most public places because second-hand smoke is a known health hazard. So crowds of smokers hang out on the streets puffing away since they are banned from doing so indoors. Well, what if cigarettes were smokeless? One UK nightclub, celebrity hangout Chinawhite, in London's Soho district, is trying out these new smokeless cigarettes. Made in China, the manufacturer says the invention has no harmful side-effects because there is no smoke or tar.

How does it work? This six-inch white plastic stick uses a battery-powered atomizer to create realistic puffs of "smoke," while the tip glows red when you suck. It gives a smoker the smoking experience and the nicotine high without the use of tobacco. Each cigarette contains one filter, which provides enough nicotine for 350 puffs, or about 30 cigarettes.

The thing is though, it may be cutting down on secondhand smoke, but the smoker is still getting the nicotine. There's some talk that these e-cigs may even give the user more nicotine than an average cigarette. They're also a lot more expensive, around $208 for the starter kit, and you have to continue to buy replacement cartridges.

What do you think about these smokeless cigarettes? Since they create no smoke, do you think they should be allowed in places such as restaurants, bars, buses, meetings, public buildings, and airplanes?


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