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We are pumped to share one of our favorite stories from Self here on FitSugar!

On a recent visit to Cycle House in West Hollywood, I was amazed to discover how fast an hour-long indoor cycling class can pass when you're cycling alongside a high-energy, no-nonsense fitness instructor. It's no wonder celebrities like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman are flocking to this new hot spot! Not only did I torch major calories, but I could barely get off the couch the next day.

"Every instructor is committed to creating the most effective interval-training, body-toning, heart-pumping, calorie-torching, challenging, fun rhythm ride workout that cannot be duplicated," says Cycle House Chief Ride Officer Nichelle Hines. "Indoor cycling allows you to craft a true training style that allows you to really shape and tone your body by adjusting speed and resistance while engaging the mind."

Luckily, you don't need to be a movie star to experience the Cycle House craze. All you need is a stationary bike to put the pedal to the metal. Says Hines, "I think the workout is so popular with the Cycle House client for one reason. It works!"


To burn 500 to 1,000 calories per hour at home, "find songs you like that inspire you" and "ride as much as you like as long as it feels good," says Hines. Incorporate these five moves into your regular routine at least twice a week for a full lower-body workout.

See the at-home cycling workout after the break!

Do a five-minute warm-up where you pedal at a leisurely pace and slowly increase your resistance every 30 seconds or so until you are at a moderate resistance level.

Mountain Climbers
Get off the bike and do "Mountain Climbers" for 60 seconds. This is when your body is in a push-up position (top), and you're alternating driving your knees (one knee at a time) into your body (bottom) at the fastest pace you can. Make sure to keep your shoulders aligned above your wrist. This will work out your abs, arms, and legs.

Endurance Hill
Get back on your stationary bike and crank up the resistance to about 80 percent of your maximum. Place your hands in position one, which is when your hands are holding onto the middle of the handlebars. Pedal as hard as you can for four minutes. Your legs should be on fire toward the end! This will out your quads specifically.

Decrease your resistance level by about 10 percent for every 30 seconds for two minutes until you get to about a 30 percent resistance level. Continue to keep your hands in position one and make sure to maintain a brisk speed the entire time. This portion of the workout will transition some of the focus to the upstroke of the pedal motion, which will work out your hamstrings.

Sprint Flush
Sprint as fast as you can for two minutes as soon as you hit that 30 percent resistance level. Continue to keep your hands in position one. This portion of the workout will focus more on your hamstrings and hip flexors.

Bicycle Kicks
Get off your bike and do bicycle kicks for one minute. This involves you laying on your back, tucking your hands behind your head and alternating tapping your elbow to the opposing knee — right elbow to your left knee and vice versa (images above). Make sure to keep your shoulders off the ground the entire time. This will work out your entire core but your abs specifically. Repeat moves one through five, three times, and then do a five-minute cooldown.

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sethcghogan sethcghogan 5 years
OMG! This is crazy!! :)
nyc729 nyc729 5 years
I love these tips.  I have found a great site that streams weekly classes from a sold out group class with a great instructor.  @emglivefitness.  Also, cheap.  boutique classes cost $32.00 +++  these are only $5.00.  And are a real sweatfest.  Also, Walmart has had a good basic indoor cycle on sale for $250.00.  I love taking my indoor cycle classes at home. 
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