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Inner Thigh Stretches

Beyond the Basics: Inner Thigh Stretches

After a weekend spent doing Pilates and ballet-inspired workouts, I experienced a type of muscle soreness that was entirely new to me — my inner thighs (aka adductors) were on fire. While I have a series of stretches that I do after every workout, I now realize that none of them really target this often overlooked area. If you've also been neglecting your inner thighs the way I have, here are a few stretches to get you started!

  • Basic Inner Thigh Stretch — Here's a favorite stretch of ours, especially for after a run since you can do it anywhere. This basic stretch will lengthen tight inner thighs safely and effectively.
  • Butterfly Pose — Also referred to as Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle pose, Butterly pose is one of my favorite ways to end a challenging yoga class. Not only does it get into the upper thigh area, but it's also a great hip-opener that stretches out the lower back, too.
  • Wide-Legged Forward Bend E — In ashtanga yoga, although there are technically four Wide-Legged Forward Bend poses, sometimes an instructor throws in a fifth, Wide-Legged Forward Bend E. This deep pose is great for stretching your hips, hamstrings, and inner thighs.
  • Frogger — Imagine how you'd look sprawled out like a frog, and you basically have the gist of this stretch. What's great about Frogger is that you can hang out in the pose for as long as you want to really give your inner thighs a good, deep stretch.
  • Wall Straddle — The wall is a great prop to use when stretching because it can either support the weight of your body or add resistance. Wall straddle is a great stretch that you can do at home, and it's easy to make the stretch as easy or intense as your body can handle. Just make sure to take your shoes off!
  • Side Lunge For Inner Thigh — It's always best to stretch warm muscles, but you can't always be in a place where it's easy to stretch on the ground. That's why this inner thigh stretch is awesome — you can stand up and do it anywhere.

Suffer from tight adductors? What's your favorite stretch?

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