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Instagram Booty Before and After

This Trainer Says You Should "Train Smarter Not Harder" If You Want a Big Booty

Madalin is a personal trainer based in Australia, and she has worked hard on growing her glutes over the last year, so she knows what it takes to reach the goals you set for yourself. With more than 390,000 followers on Instagram, it's clear that she's inspiring many others to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of her latest before-and-after posts shows her glute growth from January to September. You can clearly see her hard work has paid off, because her booty gains are looking incredible. In her post, Maddy opened up about her fitness routine, and she gave some advice to anyone who is trying to beef up their fitness program.

"I'm still learning to love going to the gym. I'm not yo typical fitness chick" she wrote honestly. "I don't go to the gym on holidays, I don't meal prep, I forget to count my macros when I should be counting my macros...and I still get intimidated in the gym." It's so refreshing to hear that someone who appears to be perfect on social media actually isn't perfect at all — because nobody is.


Maddy went on to explain that her gains were anything but a quick fix. "All the progress I have achieved has been done at a moderate pace with a very balanced approach," she said. "You can make gains without sacrificing everything you enjoy. Train smarter not harder!" Now that is a mantra we can get behind!

POPSUGAR caught up with Maddy about this post, which has more than 12,000 "likes" already. "Don't overestimate the importance of cardio in a weight-loss regime," she told us. "Too many women think the key to losing weight is increasing their cardio. I see cardio as the cherry on top, get everything else under control first, before adding in the extras." Maddy's incredible progress has been made mostly by lifting heavy weights and sticking to a solid strength-training program.

"Nutrition is number one for fat loss," she told POPSUGAR. "Then comes resistance training. Make sure you manage your sleep and stress levels. These will play a big part in your progress."

Are you taking notes? Because we are.

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