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Beginner Fitness Tips
What You Need to Know About Adding Muscle to Your Frame
Beginner Fitness Tips
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The 6 Stretches For Anyone With Tight Hamstrings

Instagram Breakfast Photo Challenge

FitSugar Instagram Challenge: Show Us Your Breakfast

After so many responses to our gym bag Instagram call-out, we thought it was time for another photo challenge. Grab your iPhone or Android, snap a pic of whatever healthy food you're eating in the morning, and upload the pic to Instagram. Make sure to caption your breakfast photo with the hashtag #FitSugar; we'll grab our favorite shots from the upcoming week and share them with you here on the site. If you can't wait to see what pics readers are submitting, just search #FitSugar via the Instagram app.

Make sure to follow FitSugar on Instagram (username: FitSugar) for daily fitness inspiration and tips. Also, keep an eye out to see what our own editors are enjoying when breakfast time rolls around!

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