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How 1 Fitness Guru Is Proving Social Media Photos Are Not Always How Things Look in Real Life

This 21-year-old fitness junkie is using her platform on Instagram to spread an important message: how things appear on social media can be very different than how they are in real life. While it may seem like our feeds are filled with filtered images of perfect washboard abs and flawless skin, Instagram user @girlxfit wants everyone to know how different someone can look while flexing vs. not flexing. She posted two side-by-side photos above, the one on the left is her flexing her abs, and the one on the right is her relaxing, in what she calls a "#30secondtransformation."

"Instagram vs. Real life! 💁🏽 not a transformation photo — I took these seconds apart. On the left I'm flexing pretty hard and on the right I'm not even pushing out, I'm just relaxed as you'd find me at any other moment in the day. Just a reality check 👏🏼 #30secondtransformation," she captioned the photo above.

If you've ever felt self-conscious after scrolling through Instagram, you will definitely appreciate this "reality check." She looks amazing regardless if she's flexing or not and her honesty is resonating with people all over the world, with fans thanking her for keeping it so real. The next time you look at yourself and wonder how those Instagram hotties have such flawless bodies at all times, remember that things aren't always how they appear in photos.

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