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Instead of Feeling Guilty For Indulging During the Holidays, Get Back on Track

Instead of Feeling Guilty For Indulging, Get Back on Track

The holidays can be pretty indulgent — decadent meals, cocktail parties, and dessert after dessert to savor. Add to that stressful gift shopping, holidays spent away for home, and workouts being replaced with entertaining and suddenly you've gotten completely off track with your health.

Before you beat yourself up for having that second piece of pumpkin pie, take a deep breath and tell yourself it's OK. We've all been there — instead of punishing yourself over it, make a commitment to get back on track now. In fact, punishing yourself can have potentially harmful results — a study found that women who feel guilty over missing workouts are more likely to develop eating disorders.

To see my tips on staying healthy during the holidays,


  • After a big meal, go for a brisk walk. Encourage your friends and family to join you too!
  • Don't deprive yourself during the holidays, as this may lead to overindulging later. Treat yourself to a healthy dessert on the weekends like these pumpkin bars.
  • Try limiting yourself to one drink a cocktail party or dinner. If you do have more than one drink, alternate between water and alcohol, and opt for sparkling wine, it has way less calories than a cocktail.
  • If you do fall off the health wagon, schedule time to start exercising again. The holidays are hectic and making an exercise schedule will help keep you committed and motivated.
  • Find a workout buddy this holiday season. Exercising and staying fit is easier if you have someone in your corner rooting you on.
  • If you're worried about overdoing it at a holiday dinner, have a healthy snack like an apple or a handful of nuts before you go. This will help fill you up and reduce cravings.
  • If you really don't have time to exercise during this hectic season find small ways to be active. Use the stairs when you go shopping or park your car as far away from the store entrance so you walk further.
  • If you do start to obsess over falling off the wagon, limit your freak out time to ten minutes and then let it go.


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Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
fleurfairy, I find this stuff helpful. I've fallen off the wagon twice recently. Once because I had a serious chest infection, so I wasn't going to go to the gym until I stopped coughing, which took two months, and with my exams for uni recently I haven't had time to scratch myself let alone think about how many calories I'm cramming into my mouth and when to exercise. So knowing that a healthy dessert or a brisk walk will help makes me feel so much better about neglecting myself.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 7 years
Ok this site is getting ridiculous. Do we really need 20 posts about how to deal with Thanksgiving "indulgence"? It's one day a year. How about the other 364?
biarose biarose 7 years
"...women who feel guilty over missing workouts are more likely to develop eating disorders." I can vouch for that!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
One thing I do to keep myself from feeling guilty during holidays is to "schedule" them as days that I'm allowed to either skip a workout or eat more. Then I just get back on track the next day.
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