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A post shared by Nika (@nikalove_lives) on

Nika has always been upfront about her incredible weight loss on her Instagram account, where she has almost 9,000 followers. Her recent post showed the progress she's made over the past two years, and she shared a nonscale victory: "I'm getting abs definition. I freaking am amazed by that." POPSUGAR caught up with Nika to get the intel on how she lost all that weight — and turned her life around.

"I have lost 65 to 73 pounds, depending on where I am that day," Nika said. "I am on a high protein diet, and I do practice intermittent fasting." She says she really likes the IF diet, as well as the occasional liquid cleanse, especially if she's recently indulged in some junk food. "I've learned that my body, like a car, needs an oil change and maintenance after a while," she explained.

More than just revamping her diet, Nika also loves "infrared sauna practice, cryo sauna, hiking, and yoga." She does the last two in order to get stronger: "Some form of muscle building is needed. It's important to speed up metabolism."

A post shared by Nika (@nikalove_lives) on

Additionally, Nika is honest about the fact that she opted in for a weight-loss surgery. "I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy. In essence, they cut my stomach to three-fourths of its size," she said. "The surgery truly taught me to track intake of calories and macros religiously. It's critical that I ate 60 grams of protein and drank 60 ounces of liquids daily. So the first six months was focused on hitting those goals."

After that, Nika knew she had to make "a major adjustment on mindset and food focus," so that's when she started intermittent fasting. She wants to lose 20 more pounds, and she says that will be exclusively from "diet, active lifestyle, and sauna."

We can't wait to see Nika's progress as she continues on her amazing weight-loss journey!

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