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Internet-Based Personal Trainer

When I go to the gym and see weird new machines, I never really know how to use them. It's helpful if some gym meathead can give me tips for proper technique, but they aren't always around.

Check out this Interactive Personal Trainer System from Hammacher. It's the only cable motion exercise machine that connects to the Internet. You can download exercise routines from virtual fitness professionals who will show you correct form on a conveniently placed 17 inch LCD monitor.

It's a touch screen, so you can easily select an exercise from its library of 120 movements. The monitor shows the previous weight amount lifted for each exercise, ensuring a gradual increase in workout resistance. The personal trainer shows you what to do so you can mimic the correct movements, just like "Simon Says."

It keeps track of your workout progress and fitness goals and sells for about $16,000. Wow - you had me for a while there.

Fit's Tips: Sounds like it'd be cheaper to hire a personal trainer. Then she could show you in person what the proper techniques and exercises are for what muscles you want to work. They're human, so they can actually tell you if you're doing something wrong so you can correct it. You can't get that from the Internet.

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