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Itchy Down There?

The bad news: Not all vaginal infections are yeast infections -- it could be something way worse. Great.

The good news (well as good as it's going to get): Fem-V ($7.99) has created a pantyliner yeast infection test that only takes 10 minutes. If the indicator strip on the pantyliner has a blue or green color stain you should consult your health care provider as your vaginal symptoms may need a doctor's attention. If the indicator strip remains yellow or fades back to yellow your symptoms are more likely caused by a yeast infection and you may choose to use an over-the-counter anti-fungal treatment.

To get a $2 rebate, visit the Fem-V site. It's available at most major drug stores or you can get it online here.

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rb24 rb24 9 years
Learn something new everyday
rubialala rubialala 10 years
JessNess, you're right, like cool but in a weird way, right?!?
JessNess JessNess 10 years
this is slightly disturbing yet cool at the same time.
Fitness Fitness 10 years
You might also want to read what my friend DearSugar has to say about being itchy down there too.
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
Wow.. thats's actually pretty awesome. Haha @ Fitness Girl. Who wants to go to the doctor if they don't have to!?
tra tra 10 years
Bacterial infections can be mistaken for yeast infections many times. The treatment for them is different.
DStirk DStirk 10 years
that is crazy.. i mean i always thought a YI is a YI and never suspected anything more serious. But aroiagojgh! YI's are the worst!
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
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