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Jackie Warner's Moves to Get Bikini Ready

Jackie Warner's Moves to Get Bikini Ready

If you're dreaming of wearing a string bikini come Memorial Day, fitness expert Jackie Warner and star of Work Out has a workout for you to try. She stopped by the Today show to share her beach body workout, which is made up of five compound multi joint moves, designed to target several muscle groups in each exercise. Along with toning your lower body, abs, and arms, the workout will raise your heart rate getting you solidly into the fat-burning zone.

For this strength training circuit, Jackie suggests using "three- to five-pound weights if you're a beginner and if you're more advanced go into the eight- to ten-pound range and do 10 to 15 reps, rather than 30." To complete the circuit you need to complete three total sets of 30 reps each when using lighter weights.

Jackie explained that "you want to work your delts when you're getting your bikini body because you want the nice shape, the V-taper we call it, to give you that cheat in the waistline." Nice to know that shapely shoulders can make your middle look smaller. If you're afraid of weights bulking you up, Jackie says:

"You're not going to get bulky. [If you're concerned about that] do more repetitions with a lighter weight, but you need to feel that burn. Remember you can't change your body type. If you're are a little thicker or a little smaller, you're going to build a little bit more [muscle]. Would you rather have fat under those jeans or a little bit of tone?"

I want tone! What about you? Here's the workout.

  1. Deadlifts for the hamstrings and glutes paired with front arm raises to work the front of the deltoid for shapely shoulders. Jackie reminds us to only lower the weights to the knees at the bottom of the deadlift and to not lift the dumbbell above your shoulders on the arm raises.
  2. Plié squats for the inner and outer thigh as well as some "booty work" with lateral arm raise to work the medial deltoid.
  3. Squats with overhead press — remember form on your squats: "knees should be kind of over the ankles, so pop the booty back . . . toes should be kind of coming up. Your back should be arched and thrust a little forward at the top.
  4. Famous for her crunchless abs, Jackie included the core move of bringing the elbow to knee on all fours to work obliques and back. This challenging exercise can be done with or without a hand weight. Jackie says this is a great move for toning the muffin top. "You need to have a strong back to have a beautiful core."
  5. The "classic yoga move the bridge," to work your glutes and hamstring, paired with triceps press for toning the back of the arm.

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I am excited to try this workout. Not sure if I will go for the 30 reps per set with my five-pound dumbbells or fewer reps with my heavier weights. Are you going to try it?

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